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About Us

About Us

The Love Story

Back when they were still taking their studies in their universities, Farwa and Ronnel always had an inclination towards coffee. Their dates were mainly in coffee shops and they have observed that a good coffee experience was too expensive for students and even for some young professionals.

Even as they tied the knot, the love for coffee remained constant in their hearts. They decided to live out their dream to share great coffee to Filipinos and a good value for money.Starting from one kiosk, it spread like wildfire. Truly blessed with love and abundance, Farron Cafe has now expanded to more than 80 branches nationwide. To this day, they strive to continuously make us fall head over heels with their line of oh-so-irresitible frappes, smoothies, milk tea, yogurt, and espressos.

See Farron Cafes near your location.

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